How to Retreat From Your Duties As Bridesmaid

"I was supposed to be a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding. Unfortunately, I have not fired and can afford to buy the dress. Also they are going to move to Scotland because the fiance is from there. The visa will be slow to come out and do not want to spend more time away from each other. How to tell my friend that although I would have loved to be in the wedding, the situations in my life make it impossible? Also I do not want to get angry as he approaches her marriage »- Alyssa F.

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Difficult question. Once you have committed to become a bridesmaid, the only reasons you can retreat is due to illness or work obligation is non-negotiable and which were informed at the last minute. Base your situation, you can not display money from nowhere. He spoke to the bride as fast as you can and informed about your economic situation but declined to mention that you would prefer to spend more time with your fiance. While it is true, you are committed to be a bridesmaid at her wedding, and discomfort that will're extra time off is not a good excuse.

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Keep in mind that your friend can (if possible) to offer money to cover the cost of your dress and any other expenses, which proves how valuable it would be for this to be present at the wedding. If so, I would suggest to accept the help and to attend the wedding if you spend some more time away from your fiance. If it has not itself afford it, be patient opposite if disappointed and tried to help plan her wedding and stayed in contact with her in other ways.

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Brides:Which Shoes They Were Going To Wear?

One of the questions that brides make is which shoes to wear to church.

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To 52% of brides said they would wear designer shoes on their wedding day
To 21% said they would wear shoes custom
To 18% said they would wear flat shoes
To 9% said they would choose to wear tennis shoes on the big day

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To 57% of brides who wear designer shoes on their wedding day would prefer the beach as the location for the wedding, while 6% would choose to make the wedding in the mountains, and only 2% will marry in Las Vegas.

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To 60% of brides who will wear branded shoes on their wedding day will also choose a dinner five star as an ideal first date (leaving the camp, bowling or ride on horseback or carriage).

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To 51% of these brides would choose to also have a formal dinner at the reception (leaving behind the buffet or small portions and the appetizers).

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Alternatives for Wedding Bouquets

Sun umbrellas

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The bouquet is overrated and has been used many times. If you summer wedding or a wedding on Asia or even the Victorian period, then an umbrella may be the best accessory for the bridesmaids. Umbrellas not only look great in the pictures but also protect your bridesmaids against the vicissitudes of nature and can be reused. Select an umbrella is made of rice paper, silk or lace. The choice is yours. Match the color of the umbrella with the dresses of the bridesmaids or give their umbrellas contradict dresses.

Paper Fans

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Another nice alternative especially for a wedding on Asia. For such a wedding, choose fans for bridesmaids made of rice paper and bamboo and hand-painted. You can also choose fans from silk. If you plan to have a wedding on the West, then select fans made of straw. Like the umbrellas, the fans are beautiful accessories that look wonderful photos and create unique images. In fact to match with it, you can also use as decorative fans.


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You do not want to use bridal bouquets but would still like to have flowers as accessories for the bridesmaids? Well in this case a corsage may be the solution you're looking for. Based on your choice, you can choose either an elegant corsage with fern or a more grandiose version with huge flowers and bright colors. Of course, it is necessary to match the colors of the flower corsage in the color of the dress of the bridesmaid.


5 Top Dresses A Women Must Have in Her Wardrobe

1, A chic Little Black Dress (LBD)

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Little Black Dress is the eternity chic of fashion industry, and if the classic black colors will not only express your thin figure, but also add some sense of mystery and sexy. Consider black dresses with some light sequins or sparkle decorations, dressed up just as the poem compliments "she walks in beauty, like the shining star of the deep sky."

2, A stunning Red Prom Dress

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Red is the perfect color for the dark evening and sparkle lights, and under the bold striking appearance, you will be known as enthusiastic, energetic, and charming. Choose burgundy or fuchsia as your weapon, and capture your loved with heart. 

3, A Mild Pastel Bridesmaid Dresses

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Each time when a friend of friend comes up to you, and invite you as the special girl on their wedding, what is better than having a mild match pastel dresses already stocked? It may turn out as a bridesmaid dresses, or sometime after that, become a partial of your chic outfit. 

4, A Classy White Wedding Dress

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As white is still the most traditional and common style used in weddings, a dress comes along with tradition will never be too weird. Fortunately with enough information and source of wedding boutiques as well as online shops, you can always find one that fits your figure as well as wallet. 

5, An Elegant Byzantium Mother of the Bride Dress

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As a mother of the bride, there is more than winkles on your face,as youth fades out, wisdom adds up. An elegant formal dress for the occasion will just work. And Byzantium color will definitively be the queen of dignity. 


Child Marriage

According to the International Center for Research on Women, 1 in 9 girls worldwide are married before the age of 15 years.

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Girls are less than 15 years and have been forced to marry five times more likely to die in childbirth than women who is 20 years old. There is also more likely to experience domestic violence and live in poverty.

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"Marriage at a young age is violation of human rights and robs girls to education, health and their long-term prospects," he said last year in the newspapers the Babatunde Osotimehin, MD, director of the UN Fund for Population. A girl gets married while still a child is a person whose capacities will be completed."

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While child marriage are almost everywhere, rates vary dramatically depending on the region. In rural South Asia, for example, almost half of the girls will marry before their 18th birthday, according to statistics from the United Nations.


Single Women Wedding Guide

It is time to accept the invitation of marriage is exclusively for you and have fun with someone else's money. Here's an easy guide on how to spend perfect as a free guest:

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Pamper Yourself
Well, you are not invited to the bridal party. This does not mean that you can not donate yourself a facial and manicure / pedicure before the big day, right? A few days before the wedding, book a spa area to spend a day well being that as the bride to shine on her wedding day.

Single Women Wedding Guide -2

Be Ready for a Romance

If you read my story last year about how to have a discreet romance in a marriage - read it here - you remember that there are many places for your own action. And while your bag barely fits your phone and your keys, make sure you save a few objects highly inappropriate for you to play it safe.

Single Women Wedding Guide -3

Make Night, Evening Women

A marriage could be wonderful chance to find yourself with old friends. Learn from the bride (or groom) who shared your friends will attend the wedding and Organize an outlet for women. You have everything you need: free bar, delicious food and a great orchestra or a DJ to make you dance all night! And if the wedding weekend, put aside some money by staying with other girls in the same hotel room to do an old-fashioned party filled with movies and cocktails a day before the wedding.

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Thought about Marriage from An Unwed Girl

"Getting married is not the end of love story, on the contrary, it is the beginning."

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I was told by lots of my intimate sisters that getting married does not mean being happy for once and all. In fact, among the huge excitement of being united to a new life, there always comes along with conflicts, strange uncomfortable compromise, heartbroken disagreements, most of the time, unhappy memories more than in love. Of course, what you have been hiding from each other has been shown, and when you don't intend to pretend to be a gentle or adorable companion, but a real other half, things begin to getting ugly, but honey, that is only the ultimate truth of life.

Thought about Marriage from An Unwed Girl -2

They say they get married because they found the
"unique" one, but when stepping into marriage, they found out whoever can be unique one, as in the end, after lots of efforts and compromise, they live peacefully as a family, one that you will live your rest life with. But the process is long and tough. But couples will never give up easily. No, marriage is not like love, much has been cost, and much needs to be maintained.

Thought about Marriage from An Unwed Girl -3

No matter how happily or awfully described, marriage is still a mysterious and noble to us single girls. At one time, we are fearing of the chaos coming along with the heavy responsibility, one the other hand, we do not hesitate for one second to hold on man's hand and say yes when it is truly the best men you will wed.

Thought about Marriage from An Unwed Girl -4

So we are always self contradictory, but as the soft gender on earth, our lust for love, respect, and faith will never fail. So if they say "marriage is the tum of love", let it be, we would not want to be "died without place to be buried".


Wedding Poem

Every marriage has its gazelle, his Panther. Everyone in turn be sensitive and brusque. Burn all maps.

Wedding Poem -1

Power, imagination, tenderness and fortune: the actual
important issues do not appear on any phone, on any map.

By getting married now among you, getting married everything:
mastodon, lemon, electron, plankton, each map.

Wedding Poem -3

The ceremony one day, the next novelty.
Avoid demons, terminology about relationships, each map.

Wedding Poem -4

Small satisfactions full of great expectations
and the opposite. Better not put captions on any map.

Wedding Poem -5

Many people love watching the future, the past.
The full approval with tears will decorate each map.

Wedding Poem -6

The art of love, love for art: when the originals
comply, their colophon overtakes each map.

Wedding Poem -7

You need to laugh. Instead of laughing it's best to get lost.
He left behind that had preceded his pride. He left behind each map.

Wedding Poem -8

Kaleidoscope - endless game a few loose debris.
For the islands you no seer not painted a map.

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Post Shared from blogs.topwedding.com:Go back in time with a Gone with the Wind wedding

Go back in time with a Gone with the Wind wedding

Undoubtedly one of- if not the most- iconic movies of all time, Gone with the Wind is renowned for its extravagant and elaborate costumes as well as for the airs and graces of the highly acclaimed Scarlet O’Hara. It’s therefore no surprise that several couples want to integrate a Gone with the Wind theme within their vintage wedding. In fact, the 30’s was one of the most fashionable era of all time, filled with debonair tuxes and huge poufy ball gowns with tiny bodices. Best of all, planning this theme for your wedding is actually much easier and less expensive that you think.
Period costume
For starters, remember that first impressions are last impressions, so be sure to start off with a vintage wedding invitation that will set the overall tone and mood of your special day. Antique or lace trimmed stationaries are fantastic options for these types of cards. Also, remember to include a separate note in your invitation to inform your guests about the theme of the day. If you want to really feel like you’ve stepped back in time, don’t hesitate to ask your guests to dress up in various period costumes from the 30’ as well.
Vintage invitation
Next is the location. Gone with the Mind is also reputed for its picturesque and romantic settings that manage to look extremely appealing even in the midst of the civil war. Indeed, who can forget ‘Tara’, the extravagant mansion nestled in the midst of lush greenery? So, forget about typical indoors weddings and try to book an outdoors location, preferably in the middle of nature, next to a river or waterfall. If you can afford it, don’t forget to embellish the place with an appealing white-flower wedding arch, a circular seating arrangement and the likes.
Romantic location
As far as your wedding dress goes, it’s best to stay away from contemporary styles such as A-cut or Mermaid hems.  The 30’s were brimming with huge, Princess-like dresses and Ball gowns so bear that in mind when you shop for your perfect outfit. However, as large and billowy as the skirt portion of the dress is, remember that the bodice was notoriously small and was often worn with a corset. Now, comfort is the key to any successful wedding so you can of course skip the corset. But, brides who want to go all the way in their Gone with the Wind wedding can buy a vintage boned corset to nip in the waist by several inches. As for the groom, he might want to don a gentleman’s suit as well as a top hat for the special day. Of course, growing a mustache is quite a nice idea as well, especially if he wants to look like the ever-dashing and suave Rhett Butler.
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Include Your Father In Wedding

Include Your Father In Wedding -1

Invite him to read a text or a wish.

You can do it more personal by choosing a text that is important for both of you. It may be a quote from the book he used to read when you were a child (love the popular quote that sounds at weddings from the book The Velveteen Rabbit), or a prayer or poem associated with the love of a father.

Include Your Father In Wedding -2

Draw a separate first dance with him. 

Include Your Father In Wedding -3

While the father-bride dance is granted, you can make more special by making some months dance lessons before marriage, or choreographing a special dance that will show after one minute slow dance. Or simply choose a song that is important for both of you (idea: if there is a slow song, search the Internet for an orchestral version or a ballad before you can use it).


Over Half British Single Women Have Started Planning Their Wedding

Just because a woman is single does not mean it has not started to plan her wedding!

Over Half British Single Women Have Started Planning Their Wedding -1

According to a survey conducted among 2,000 British women free and released Thursday, 59% of women said that they have already planned some things for their big day despite the fact that not planning to get married soon . 11% have chosen bridal and 37% of women have already bought.

Over Half British Single Women Have Started Planning Their Wedding -2

36% of women have begun plans for the wedding said that their wedding dreams were scare in the past people of the opposite sex. Of the women who had already chosen the dress, only 12% said that they had told their potential partner.

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Wedding Plan in 5 Easy Steps

1.Ask your relatives and friends'advice about how you should get married before starting planning your wedding, Take as many opinion as possible: it is always better to take decisions keeping in mind the doubts of others.

Wedding Plan in 5 Easy Steps -1

2. Set a budget and return to it once you realize that you cross the hallway with a disappointment that includes everything. Add enough money (not have) in the budget to make you remember why you chose your first budget early on.

Wedding Plan in 5 Easy Steps -2

3. Narrow down the list to two or three locations, then listen to the opinions of others who tell you to add another 2-3 parts if the first is not what you really are looking for.

Wedding Plan in 5 Easy Steps -3

4. Once you are determined with the place, do research on TripAdvisor and go directly to the reviews that have only one star. Read until you convince yourself that you are the same and worse negative experience as the person making the criticism.

Wedding Plan in 5 Easy Steps -4

5. Create a comprehensive guest list that includes people who are hoping to come but do not feel the need to invite due to pressure from other guests.
8. Find someone who considers himself a wedding coordinator, but it is not, ask for the one-sided view of often, and whatever you do, do not turn your talks until you have made you feel that you do not do anything right, let alone the correct sequence.

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